Construction of moulds for industrial technical articles

During our long working experience we have specialised in the construction of moulds for industrial technical articles. Based on customer requirements, we make moulds for plastics according to customised designs and products.

We create high-quality, durable solutions to our customers’ pressing challenges, thanks to the experience and continuous training of our team and the technological innovation of our machinery.

Precision moulds for the moulding of components such as bellows and seals, moulds for the production of plastic parts and much more is what you can order from our company.

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Solutions to optimise mould utilisation

We study and implement the best solutions for each type of mould, perfecting techniques in the design and construction phase  and  experimenting  with  new ones, in order to optimise the use and  durability  of  the  mould  and minimise the waste of raw materials.

We have a variety of equipment, necessary for the manufacture of moulds and industrial technical articles, which is continuously maintained and checked in order to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and possible operational problems. We are able to design and manufacture  moulds  that  in  turn  guarantee extreme precision in the production of plastic components and parts.


A service that is always attentive and present

The ColzaniTeresio company deals with the construction of moulds for the production of industrial technical articles. The sectors that turn to  us are diverse: from lighting technology to electrical engineering, household appliances, cosmetics, mechanics and many others.

The guarantee of an accurate and always present assistance service has allowed our company to expand year after year, becoming a partner of several companies throughout the country.

If you would like more specific information on the sectors in which we operate or to use our services, please contact us!