Mould quality control

The ColzaniTeresio company, in the context of its expansion and strengthening strategy, considers the quality of the products/services offered of primary importance and considers it necessary to define precise internal rules of conduct that direct the activity of the company as a whole towards maximum customer satisfaction.

We are always focused on constantly improving our products, processes, procedures and organisational structures, as well as on subjecting our customers to our own quality requirements.

It is no coincidence that after precision machining of customised parts, testing is always carried out. All this ensures that the production of die-casting and plastic injection moulds is of the highest standard.

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Our quality system

The application of quality control consists of ensuring that the product conforms to the requirements expressed by the customer by carrying out, prior to delivery, all the necessary checks, tests and measurements to eliminate those products that do not meet the requirements expressed in the specifications. This methodology can be considered as the first stage in the application of quality and is very useful, especially in those realities where an error can cost a lot of money, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, etc.

The quality system at ColzaniTeresio is rigorously applied to all company processes, not only in the production and technical areas, but especially in areas such as testing, sales and purchasing management.


We are certified for mould construction

For our company, applying quality procedures means creating an organisational system within the company that not only meets the requirements of the standards, but is also able to assimilate innovation and flexibility without affecting production times and costs.


For some time now, ColzaniTeresio has been certified for the construction of moulds for injection moulding and die-casting, through an internal digitalised network that involves all the operators in the  departments, keeping them  updated on all the data accompanying  the  orders  being  processed  and  the  various activities.

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