Construction of injection moulds

We are manufacturers of injection moulds for  the  construction  of  metal parts, moulding jigs and much more. Our moulds are used for the production of technical articles and are intended for various sectors.

We design and build elements for the broad plastic moulding sector; specifically, we deal with injection moulds. Our moulds are designed for the automotive, electrical and electronic, household appliances, cosmetics, mechanical, furniture and lighting sectors.

We are a nationwide supplier of precision tooling: contact us for more information!


Qualified staff and advanced machines

Highly specialised staff and state-of-the-art machinery enable us to serve the most important international groups, guaranteeing high production rates, short delivery times and the best quality available today.

Our strong specialisation in zamak die-casting has enabled us over time to gain a great deal of experience with the dies we use.

The complete integration of tooling within our company allows us high intervention speeds in case of unforeseen events during production. To make precise moulds, we need equally precise high-tech tools, and our machine tools are, in fact, all CNC-controlled.


An adequate fleet of machines and specialised departments

For more than 60 years, we have been successfully making moulds and are a leader in the sector, thanks to our high-quality services, precision manufacturing and on-time delivery.

We have a fleet of high-performance machines, masterfully managed by the professionalism of our operators. In addition, we have a highly specialised technical department that is constantly trained in all the innovations in the sector.

Would you like to request more information? Would you like to know more about our mould making process? Contact us! You can contact us by phone or e-mail: one of our employees will be happy to answer all your questions!