Mould construction for the medical industry

The experience gained over the years, the degree of precision and repeatability achieved on our workpieces, thanks also to the use of increasingly high- performance machinery and latest-generation technologies, have moved us to operate in the medical field as well.

We manufacture injection moulds for medical components, i.e. orthopaedic and pharmaceutical articles and plastic paramedical devices.

For each customer who turns to us, we become an all-round support, as we follow them through all stages of production: from part design, feasibility analysis, choice of injection channels, filling analysis, cycle time study, through to production and testing.

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Moulds for medical devices

From mould design to mould making, from moulding of plastic components to assembly of the finished product, we supply high quality medical moulds to the required standards.

By choosing the highest quality materials, able to withstand wear and tear and time, we design and manufacture medical moulds of various types, as well as orthopaedic ones.


Quality products

Our company designs and manufactures moulds for the medical sector which are mainly used in the orthopaedic field, accessories  and  components  for medical devices, made of plastic materials.

We are able to supply assembled and packaged products, ready to be put on the market. Thanks to the care and attention paid  to  the  quality  of  both  the production cycle and the finished product, we have developed in recent years collaborations with important companies in the sector.

We do this with the help of a team of qualified technicians and state-of-the- art machinery.

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