Moulds for parts in the metalworking industry

We are experts in the manufacture of moulds for the mechanical industry. In particular, our moulds are used for the  manufacture  of  hydraulic  and pneumatic parts and components with threads, etc…

Our precision moulds for the metalworking industry are highly accurate and durable. The entire prototype production process is followed in-house, with attention to the strict schedule that always respects the delivery times of the samples.

High-quality machine tools, professionalism and a comprehensive service is what we offer to customers who come to us.

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Software for CNC design and machinery

Software programs are used for the actual making of the mould, enabling the high-tech machinery to work precisely.

These are specific, numerically controlled machines which, thanks to computer programmes and highly qualified personnel, are able to produce the parts that make up the mould.

The CAD computer programme has a CAM interface that allows all the individual components of the mould to be machined and then supplied to the customer with CNC machines. In addition, project archiving makes it possible to redo parts of the mould or tooling at a later date.


We work to optimise productivity

Several technologies are involved in the production of moulds for the mechanical industry. Machinery and equipment that allow us to produce unique, high-precision parts with special finishes.

All the moulds developed by ColzaniTeresio are designed and manufactured in the company’s own factory and guarantee maximum quality and production efficiency. Optimising productivity is one of the main objectives that we set ourselves and that we have in common with our customers. All the more reason to carry out functional and long-lasting production.

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