Moulds for lighting components

Using state-of-the-art technology, high-speed machining centres and CAD-CAM systems, we are able to produce lamp moulds in a variety of complex shapes with a guarantee of high quality and fast turnaround.

Our production covers moulds for plastic accessories, LEDs, ceiling lights, lighting points and other components for the lighting sector.

Our experience in the production and construction of moulds for plastic materials and die-casting, acquired over the years, allows us to study and create small and large moulds with various moulding systems.

For the production of moulds for lamps and lighting components, turn to us!


A large car park at the disposal of customers

In our in-house workshop, we design and manufacture moulds for the production of technical plastic articles, taking care of their maintenance and efficiency over time.

We offer our customers a mould making department for thermoplastic components with a large machine park.

Thermoplastics are among the most widely used materials in the field of plastic moulding due to their light weight and impact resistance. At the same time, a thermoplastic material allows a great deal of creative  and  design  freedom  at the design stage, enabling the  creation  of  shiny,  transparent,  satin,  sandblasted or opaque plastic objects.


Precise and professionally made moulds

Moulding is undoubtedly the most widely used technical procedure for producing thermoplastic objects. The production of such objects, however, relies on moulds that must be made accurately and extremely precisely in order to avoid errors on commissions.

ColzaniTeresio is able to design and manufacture moulds for thermoplastic components of excellent quality and for every type of requirement according to the indications provided by the customer. Our moulds for thermoplastics are manufactured to the highest  standards  in  order  to  ensure  the  detailed  and precise forging of technical parts, even of small and medium dimensions.

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