Moulds for the household appliances sector

Our company is engaged in the production of moulds for the household appliances industry.

Thanks to the importance we place on attention to detail and continuous training in the sector, we are able to guarantee excellent articles for moulding components and accessories such as, for example, the washing machine basket, the fridge door and many other details.

Our company has always aimed at producing a quality product that in turn must work perfectly so as not to affect the mechanism of the appliance.

If you would like more information on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us! One of our operators will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Accurate and precise manufacturing

The production of moulds for household appliance components is the most delicate phase of the production process, both because of the extreme precision of the machining and because of the substantial size of a mould, from which hundreds of thousands if not millions of parts will be produced.

ColzaniTeresio‘s customers operate in industrial sectors where maximum precision is required: automotive, electronics, lighting, household appliances, cosmetics, and so on.

In order to achieve the most accurate manufacture of the injection mould, our technicians work with numerically controlled  machine  tools. The staff employed are highly specialised and have decades of experience in the design and construction of complex moulds for components  in  the  household  appliances sector, but not only!

This is how we achieve the precision and punctuality that we have always prided ourselves on.


We make the components for your company

A number of manufacturers of household appliance components rely on us to make moulds for them. For these companies, we make moulds for both aesthetic and technically demanding components, such as baskets for washing machines.

Contact us to show us your project or request more information! We will listen to your requests and turn them into components for your business!