Aluminium moulds for the furniture industry

Our scope of operations also extends to the furniture sector, with the production of moulds for furniture construction, models  and  shapes  for  components such as handles and other accessories.

The furniture sector has allowed us to gain experience in making moulds that combine aesthetics, mechanical strength and lightness.

We operate on behalf of third parties with the production of aluminium moulds, also according to specific customer requirements, since the furniture sector is in continuous and rapid evolution.

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The advantages of aluminium for mould making

Aluminium production moulds have been an established reality for years, especially for sectors such as furniture. This is due to the many advantages of this material, namely its low specific weight, excellent workability and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

This helps to optimise the production process without sacrificing the quality of the products.


Respect for the design of each project

Thanks to years of proven experience, continuous technical updates and the use of state-of-the-art tools in synchronisation with 3D CAD and CAM systems, we are able to produce aluminium moulds of various sizes and thicknesses.

The furniture section is the result of the  company’s  desire  to  diversify  and expand its production into technical sectors other than the “traditional” ones. For this reason, for years we have been experimenting and training highly qualified personnel in our technical department,  which  today  can  boast  a  highly professional staff.

In this sector too, we are able to offer excellent work that respects the  design and aesthetics of the individual project. Our experienced technicians can take care of everything from finishing the  detail  to  painting,  guaranteeing  the aesthetics that the customer wants, making the right choices and actively collaborating with the customer to carefully control every stage of the project.

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