Feasibility study

ColzaniTeresio, an expert in the production of injection moulds, includes

feasibility analysis among the many services it offers its customers.

The feasibility study is preparatory to the actual design phase, and includes the evaluation of different technical solutions related to production and all aspects aimed at optimising the moulding phase.

The aim of the feasibility analysis is to check technical articles, either individually or as a whole, to see whether they are technically and functionally feasible and whether they meet the customer’s expectations in terms of time, costs and methods.

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How the feasibility analysis works

A feasibility analysis allows the simple and quick assessment of the feasibility of the element and its process.

At this stage, there are often issues to be addressed such as whether the element can be produced as a single or as a double, where exactly the separation of the element will take place, whether the required material strength is a feasible goal.

Another issue that needs to be addressed at this stage is the question of the subsequent behaviour of the element in terms of failure points, thinning, stiffness and durability.

We are able to organise a team with all interested parties in a common project with the aim of finding the best solutions. The expertise we  have acquired and the organisation of our technical department allow us to develop complete projects based on the customer’s idea.


The importance of the feasibility study

The feasibility analysis provides for prior feedback on the quality criteria of the moulding process.

The feasibility analysis offers the rapid identification of critical areas of the element, such as, for example, cracks, incorrect thinning, possible formation of wrinkles, etc., and suggests the best possible alternative solutions to correct prospective problems.

A reliable, comprehensive and timely feasibility study  is crucial  for a successful design of the item to be printed.

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