Production of moulds for electronic parts

Another area in which quality and precision are essential is the electrical sector: ColzaniTeresio has extensive knowledge of this sector, particularly in the production of moulds for electronic components.

The moulds we make from aluminium moulds are used to produce plastic parts for electric motors, such as push buttons, switches and micro- components. Every quality electrical appliance needs special plastic parts made with the utmost precision to ensure that it functions correctly and for a long time. For the construction of moulds for electronic components, come to us! Contact us now to request a quote.


High level of construction

The main objective of our mould processing is to offer the best customised solutions

We do all this by making changes in real time and supporting the customer even during the after-sales phase, directly managing every design, production and assembly phase.

The quality of the finished product is ensured not only by the skilled workers in our company, but also by the technological systems used for design and construction, which is carried out using numerically controlled machinery in order to offer a high level of construction, rapid turnaround and minimal production waste.


Moulds for electronic components, but not only!

At ColzaniTeresio we also specialise in the design and construction of dies for die-casting zamak. This is a very versatile material, with which it is possible to produce a large number of components that can be used in many sectors.

Our moulds are designed and built to maximise their longevity, with an eye to the

precision and quality of the components they are to produce.

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