Production of customised moulds

For the production of custom-made moulds, turn to us at ColzaniTeresio. We follow customer projects step by step, for the production of prototypes, samples and small series parts.

Thanks to our experience and constant cooperation with the customer, we offer the most suitable solutions for the production of sheet metal mouldsĀ  by means of zamak die casting.

Our company offers consultancy for the construction of customised moulds for various sectors of the mechanical engineering or automotive industries, offering continuous support and a comprehensive range of services.

We are available before, after and during the prototype phases: contact us to find out more!


Fields of application for zamak

Zamak is a metal alloy that is widely used in industry today, especially in the furniture, lighting and general component sectors.

In addition to the huge range of items that can be produced, this material is widely used for all its advantages, including its excellent impact resistance, the great aesthetic effect of the treatments, its good workability and the fact that it is completely recyclable.


Realisations that meet every need

Thanks to the great efficiency of our production department, we are able to carry out the production of moulds and sheet models in zamak alloy by die casting. All within the timeframe agreed with the customer and with optimum results, both in terms of quality and cost.

All the staff in the technical department have years of practical experience on the shop floor. This allows the designer to identify the best mould configuration in order to optimise quality and reduce machining times.

We ensure unique products, with high levels of customisation of the machining operations, thus meeting all production requirements. Bespoke workmanship is guaranteed on both small orders and larger, more complex ones.

If you would like more information or to take advantage of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us!