Design of moulds for the production of technical articles

Our company carries out the design of moulds for the production of technical articles through  advanced  Cad  and  Cam  software. Through the 3D prototyping service, ColzaniTeresio‘s specialists work side by side with the


customer right from the initial idea of the product, suggesting solutions that optimise series production and cost reduction.

Using the most advanced software we are able to carry out a moulding simulation before designing the mould, thus limiting design errors and ensuring high process repeatability over time.

The resulting moulds will be used for the injection production of components with thermosplatic materials. The mould design service is therefore the result of the skills and creativity of the  technical  staff, with  an  approach  that  focuses on the aesthetic and mechanical quality of the moulded part, in order  to achieve the best quality/price ratio.

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How we operate during the construction phase

The construction of plastic moulds is an extremely delicate phase because it is fundamental to the success of any product. To make the perfect mould requires specific skills, experience and the appropriate technological support.

Prior to material moulding, our operational process starts by listening to the customer’s needs, followed by a detailed analysis and feasibility study to understand developments and applications.

Our research laboratory, workshop, technical department, production and all internal departments cooperate in continuous synergy, thus being able to offer customers a single point of contact for the entire job, personally following all phases of plastic mould construction.


Plastics processing

The design of plastic moulds is much more than just a design and requires extremely detailed assessments.

First of all we proceed with the design of the moulds and the construction of the moulds for plastics with which we make some samples to test the product in advance. Only when we achieve an optimal result and customer approval do we send the project into production and proceed with the processing of the plastics, which is necessary to create customised products.

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