Production of models for stamping of automotive components

The automotive industry is one of the most developed industries, and is therefore of great importance when it comes to the production of components using moulds.

Our company also specialises in this sector, with the construction of aluminium models for moulding components such as gearboxes or covers. We carry out the construction of die-casting or injection moulds for the automotive industry, following a well-defined path that starts with the technical design, goes through the study of the design of the objects to be made and ends with production and final testing.

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The mould-making process

The mould of the requested object is first designed, based on the characteristics and information provided by the customer, thanks to the work of our qualified professionals who use the most advanced computer and graphic programmes.

The mould is then made in our workshop using state-of-the-art machinery that is always up-to-date in terms of operation, taking care to ensure adequate quality control at all times, as well as guaranteeing cost-effectiveness.

We offer customers injection moulding of components to meet  the requirements of the automotive industry, from standard components to items that stand out in terms of originality and customisation.


High level of safety and performance

ColzaniTeresio specialises in the design and production of moulds for the manufacture of components for the automotive sector. The company designs and produces injection and die-casting moulds that are  designed  to  last  over  time and guarantee safety and high performance.

Design flexibility, short deadlines, high standards of quality and aesthetics, obtained through continuous investment in internal resources, are the strong points on which we have built our recognised 100% made in Italy specialisation. Contact us now to request more specific information!